People's Summit on the Impacts of Reclamation

October 24-25, 2012, University of the Philippines Diliman

Download Presentations and Summit Materials

Materials from the People’s Summit on the Impacts are available for download.

Reclamation Summit Program

Reclamation Summit_Keynote Speech by Satur Ocampo

Reclamation Summit_Overview of the Natl Reclamation Plan_Dr Ganni Tapang

Community Struggles:

Reclamation Summit_The Cordova Reclamation Project_PAMANA Sugbo

Reclamation Summit_Cavite Reclamation_ALYANSA Fisherfolk Group

Reclamation Summit_Reclamation in Manila Bay_Sagip Manila Bay

Reclamation Summit_LasPinas Paranaque Reclamation_ASAP

Experts’ Views on Reclamation:

Reclamation Summit_Philippine CRM Plans and Coastal Projects_Dr Rene Rollon

Reclamation Summit_Reclamation Impacts on Biodiversity_Dr Lemnuel Aragones

Reclamation Summit_Land Reclamation and its Impacts on Coastal Sedimentation and Circulation_Dr Cesar Villanoy

Reclamation Summit_Legal Options and Remedies in Fighting Coastal Reclamation Projects_Atty Gloria Ramos

Reclamation Summit_Laws on Reclamation and the Envi Impact Statement_Atty Dante Ramos

Reclamation Summit_Economic Valuation of Reclamation in Cordova_Prof Lourdes Montenegro

Reclamation Summit_Reclamation Legislative Measures_Atty Terry Ridon